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Reset Revitalise

£99 | 1 session | 45 mins  

By the end you will:

  • Understand how stress is impacting your performance, and your current risk of burnout

  • Have defined 2-3 personalised, manageable lifestyle changes to reduce your baseline stress and improve your performance

  • Have a practical ‘life-proof’ plan to ensure the changes actually happen! 

Reset your stress, revitalise your energy and find time for yourself again

Services - Reset Revitalise
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Path to Performance

6 months | 10 sessions | Transformative

This programme follows five phases:

1) Settle the priorities

Tactics to help you from day one

2) Scope the terrain

Get clear on where you are now and where you want to get to

3) Clear the obstacles

Explore and resolve related fears and anxieties

4) Create powerful action

Build an engaging and enjoyable path to your goals

5) Review and supercharge

Integrate learnings and refine and expand your goals


By the end you will have:

  • Made deep, positive and sustainable changes

  • Increased your confidence, effectiveness and performance in life and work

  • Regained fulfilment and enjoyment for every day life

Make life and work enjoyable again

Coaching prog summary
Workshops/oneline overview

Stress Reset

Flexible | Workshops | Courses

Stress Reset is designed to help organisations support their people.  It is targeted to help participants understand and reduce their stress, improve their wellness and resilience and minimise their risk of burnout.  


It is practical, engaging and informative and supports lasting behavioural change to increase wellness and performance for life and work. 

It is available as a live, interactive workshop, delivered in person or online, or as a fully flexible, remote online course with options for intranet hosting.  

By the end participants will:

  • Understand the relationship between stress and performance, and their current risk of burnout

  • Have defined 2-3 personalised, manageable lifestyle changes to reduce their baseline stress and increase their wellness

  • Have created a practical ‘life-proof’ plan to put the changes into action

Improve your people's wellness and performance

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JE, Business Owner

Naomi has been coaching me for almost 6 months and  I feel we have made real progress.  

She has really helped me regain my confidence. It has been an incredibly empowering experience to go through.


A number of exciting opportunities have arisen thanks to this process.  

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