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Calm Sea
Restoring overstretched city executives to their energised, confident best
So every day is more fulfilling and more fun
Feel like you're burning out?
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Does this sound like you?

  • ​Waking up feeling drained, wishing you didn’t have that big meeting today?

  • Working harder than ever but seem to get less and less done?

  • Challenges and self doubts wrecking your confidence and focus?

  • Working late several times a week but still feeling inefficient?

  • Struggling to find the time or energy to prioritise your health and fitness?

  • Wondering how long you can keep this up? 

Imagine instead...

  • Waking up refreshed and replenished, happy to start the day

  • Arriving at your desk alert and productive, ready to get things done

  • Feeling focused and efficient again, working less and achieving more

  • Dealing with challenges confidently and effectively, then moving on

  • Finishing work on time and leaving your desk lighthearted

  • Getting back to exercise and healthy eating with renewed satisfaction

Hi, I'm Naomi Honey

I help city executives who are successful but struggling to regain confidence in life and work so that every day becomes more fulfilling and more fun.


We set goals, solve problems, face challenges, address fears and blocks, rediscover passions and joys and make big, lasting changes for the better. 
What's more, we have fun while we do it.   

The result is that you get your confidence, energy and zest for life back, develop tools to stay at the top of your game even when stress hits, and build a schedule and structure that works for you.

If that sounds like what you need, you've come to the right place!  Let's get you back to your best.

Book my standalone Reset Revitalise coaching session and escape the vicious cycle of pushing ever harder to achieve ever less


1 session | £99 | 45 mins

By the end you will:

- Understand how stress is impacting your performance, and your current risk of burnout

- Have defined 2-3 personalised, manageable lifestyle changes to reduce your 
baseline stress and improve your performance

- Have a practical ‘life-proof’ plan to ensure the changes actually happen

Reset your stress and find time for yourself again.


CR, Finance Manager

Understanding how can I stop procrastinating, worrying excessively and self-doubting has been game-changing.  
It has definitely helped me get out of my comfort zone.

AD, Director of Operations

I knew I had to change things but felt stuck and had lost confidence in being able to ‘succeed’ outside my established comfort zone.

Naomi brought me to where I wanted to be. Not only have I managed to move up to director level, I also got myself into a role which I am extremely passionate about.

JW, Executive

Naomi is laser sharp, very intuitive and at the same time brings warmth and humour to our sessions. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to create a positive change in their life, big or small.

Maintaining high performance can feel impossible
Even the most successful people struggle to balance the competing demands of modern life


Feel like there aren't enough hours in the day?


Can't seem to think or prioritise clearly?

Over that

Need something to change?


Getting back to your energised, confident best is only a few steps away
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