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Hi, I'm Naomi Honey


I help professionals who are successful but struggling, to regain confidence in life and work so that every day becomes more fulfilling and more fun.

I spent over a decade as a business consultant, working at FTSE 100 companies with smart and talented people.  I saw so many brilliant, sparky people gradually lose energy and vitality as the pressures of work and life piled up. 


In the first few years of my career, that was me as well.  I followed the path I thought I was supposed to take, focusing on career, progression, being professional, grown up.  I lost touch with my energy and vitality, with who I was at my core, my real personality.  I became increasingly work-centred - and increasingly miserable.  

I was lucky.  I stumbled across a world which reawakened my sense of self, my personal development, how much I could still learn and grow and discover.  The entry point for me was parkour - an unconventional urban sport - but it wasn't the activity itself that mattered, it was spending time doing things which brought me joy, fulfilment and expansion.


I discovered that spending more time outside of work and 'typical' adulthood pastimes, and instead investing it in personally fulfilling activities didn't hamper my professional progress.  In fact it supercharged my energy and spark for everything - life, work, friendships, and development of every kind.


I was lucky though, I fell into that discovery.  Many other brilliant, fantastically unique and once-vibrant people didn't.  As life, seniority and responsibility progressed, their vitality diminished.  


That loss struck me as terrible, and unnecessary.  I got passionate about helping people to restore their confidence and energy, so that work and life would feel satisfying and enjoyable again.  

I retrained as a coach, bringing additional tactics from my years of sports, adventure and play, as well as insights from 15 years of business consulting, training and management, and began coaching.  

Working with my clients is hugely fulfilling and inspiring.  Helping people to rediscover their brilliant, sparky best, regain their confidence and passion for life, to work less and perform better and to feel at the top of their game is the best job I could imagine. 


We set goals, solve problems, face challenges, address fears and blocks, rediscover passions and joys and make big, lasting changes for the better.  What's more, we have fun while we do it.   


The result is that you get your confidence, energy and zest for life back, develop tools to stay at the top of your game even when stress hits, and build a schedule and structure that works for you.   

If that sounds like what you need, you've come to the right place!  Let's get you back to your best.

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