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Path to Performance
6 months | 10 sessions | Transformative

Path to Performance is designed to help you make deep, sustainable changes to regain confidence and effectiveness, so that life and work feel rewarding and enjoyable again. It consists of 10 coaching sessions across 6 months, moving through a 5-phase journey.   

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Phase 1: Settle the priorities 
The first thing we focus on is tactics to help you from day one. We identify major energy sinks and make priority changes to support you. These will quickly help you to feel calmer, clearer and more in control, making the day to day easier. As you feel clearer, you’ll also be better able to think about the bigger picture.

Phase 2: Scope the terrain 
Next we get a clear view of your situation now and what you want it to be, in terms of your energy, confidence and performance. If you’d like more confidence, for example, how will that show up?  Happily making a presentation to your leadership team, being able to relax and enjoy social events, or taking a sabbatical to trek in the Andes?  Understanding the start points, end points and success measures lets us design the route to get you there. 

Phase 3: Clear the obstacles 
Making changes always rouses fears and anxieties, so we take time to explore and resolve these. We gently rewire negative narratives and build constructive thinking around performance, self-image and wellness. That means rather than working until you drop, you can finally start finishing on time - guilt free - so that you return fresh and effective the next day. This approach doesn’t just remove obstacles, it repurposes them, turning them into fuel for action.

Phase 4: Create powerful action 
In coaching we create powerful forward action. That means building an engaging path to your goals, so you get to enjoy every step of the way. If you find conversations with your boss difficult, for example, we identify new perspectives and techniques to approach them, so they can become positive and effective, and and put them into practice. We celebrate action and progress, building your growth mindset. We make it challenging but energising, practical but motivational, a path you can enjoy travelling. 

Phase 5: Review and supercharge 
Once your action is underway, we step back and review to integrate learnings and refine and expand your goals. Perhaps you’re loving taking more exercise but missing weekend lie-ins - we’ll adapt your routines to accommodate both. Maybe as your energy returns, your goals expand too - we’ll celebrate and build them in. Reviewing helps us to optimise your efforts, ensuring they stay rewarding and sustainable over the long term.

To discuss whether the Path to Performance programme could be right for you, book a free consultation call to discuss your goals.  


Naomi has been coaching me for almost 6 months and  I feel we have made real progress.  

She has really helped me regain my confidence. It has been an incredibly empowering experience to go through.


A number of exciting opportunities have arisen thanks to this process.  

JE, Business Owner

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