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Your Wellness Levels


Taking stock of our wellness levels gives us clarity about our current situation and any risk areas. 

Consider each wellness topic.  On a scale of your personal needs where 1 is unacceptably low and 10 is optimally high, rate your levels in the table below.  Scroll down to show the full chart.  The results will display on the chart automatically. 


What do you notice?  Which areas need your focus?

Please allow 30s for the table and chart to load.

Good levels in each category will support us to be at our best. Deficiencies impact our wellness, stress levels and performance.  

There is no absolute measurement for 'sufficiency' in any category, we are individual and unique.  Some people can cope with a few days or weeks of reduced sleep without feeling it impacting their performance, while for others it may be instantly disruptive.  Similarly, some people struggle without frequent connection with others, others need less. Even within connection, where broad social interaction is an energiser for some, others may avoid that in favour of fewer, deeper and more personal connections.

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