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Stress Reset

Wellbeing & Performance

Some stress is beneficial, keeping us alert and engaged, operating at our best.  In modern life though, particularly for high-achievers, this level is easily surpassed. 

As long as we keep functioning, we try to tell ourselves that things are ok.  Until something actually breaks and the whole system grinds to a halt, that is.  By then though, the reality of the stress we have been under truly hits and repair and recovery is a major endeavour.  Dealing with the impacts of burnout is often expensive for employers and devastating for individuals.   

Stress Reset helps to identify the key risk areas and set tangible actions to address them, reduce stress and get back on a path to wellbeing.  


Online course

For individuals


For groups

Coaching consultation

For individuals​

Stress Reset

online course series


Stress Reset is designed to help participants reduce stress,
avoid burnout, and increase their wellness and performance.  It is practical, engaging and informative and designed to help people make lasting behavioural change to reduce stress and increase wellness and performance for life and work. 


It consists of three parts:  Foundation, Intervention and Lifestyle.  


The basics of stress and burnout

Assess current stress levels

Wellness Matrix


Wellness deep dive into two areas of choice

Create personalised, targeted intervention plan

Focus on effective behaviour change



Integrate all areas of the Wellness Matrix

Make wellness and stress reduction a factor of daily life

Varied, engaging year-long programme​ for sustained change

Online, interactive and impactful 3-part course

Discounts for groups

Ideal for programmes covering stress and wellbeing


Online course

Beat Burnout Workshop

for groups​

Beat Burnout is a one hour workshop designed to equip participants with the tools to avoid burnout.  It is structured around a wellness matrix to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  


The workshop involves practical planning so that participants leave with a personalised action plan to protect themselves against burnout and increase their ability to cope with life’s daily stressors.  

During the session you will:
Assess your current risk of burnout
Created a personalised plan to minimise your risk 
Identified practical strategies to make the plan work


1 hour interactive Beat Burnout workshop 
10-20 people 

Ideal for programmes covering wellbeing and personal development


Coaching Consultation

For individuals​

Has what was once manageable and energising become unstable, draining and overwhelming?  Are you telling yourself that you must be ok, as you're still functioning?  Are members of your team falling behind or ill with stress?

Beat Burnout is a standalone coaching consultation to identify the key risk areas which could propel you into full burnout, and give you tangible actions to take to address them, reduce your stress and set you back on a path towards wellbeing.  

Identify key risk areas

Clarify remedy actions

Define long term goals

90 minutes - £195*

* Following this session, if you decide to enrol in a coaching programme for six months or more, this will be deducted from the programme price.

Standalone consultaton
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