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Inspiration & Invigoration

I help executives and leaders to revitalise the creativity, connection, movement and joy in their lives, in order to bring new energy, inspiration and depth to their work and their teams.  With a background in consultancy, I support them to apply these in a business context and think through challenges, offering a sounding board to aid innovative and effective thinking and behaviours. 

Do you or your leaders suffer from low energy, stalled fitness and wellbeing, or a feeling of stagnation in life or work?  Or perhaps stress, anxiety or burnout, at a cost to happiness and performance?  Are there people in your teams who have so much more potential than they seem able to access?  


I work with visionary leaders and organisations to develop their people and unleash their full talents, in their life and their work.  

Zest and Energy

to reinvigorate leaders

Hidden Gems 

to unleash potential

Stress Recovery

to overcome challenges

Ray of Light
Orange Tulip


Invigorate Leaders


Loss of energy or vitality

Over-focus on work at personal cost

Challenges at home or work

Poor health and wellness markers

Risk of stagnation or attrition


Improved energy, inspiration and action

Improved health and wellness markers

More supportive of self and team

Stronger relationships

Better work-life balance

Toolkit to manage challenges
Personal fulfilment and development

Dynamic support and sounding board 


Unleash Potential


Reliable, capable, but can be overlooked

Confidence impacting performance
Challenges with difficult relationships

Frustrated with progression 

Stress and anxiety


Improved self-belief, clarity and confidence

Better able to ask for and accept help

New, unique contribution

Performance uplift

Career progression

Better health and wellness

Toolkit for challenging relationships 

Access to championing, personalised support


Overcome Challenges


High stress, anxiety or burnout

Loss of confidence

Facing challenging circumstances

Poor health and wellness markers

Reduced performance


Improved health, wellness and confidence

Better resilience to stress and challenge

Greater energy and activity

Performance recovery

Better work-life balance

Toolkit to manage challenges

Better able to ask for and accept help

​Access to responsive, confidential support

Hidden Gems
Stress recovery
Zest and energy
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